The Loved One

Philai: name of the anthrobotic philosophical entity (not a robot, not a chatbot, not an android but a sociotechnical collective of epistemic care) imagined by philosopher Dr Luis de Miranda in 2019. The project is the result of the meeting between his Philosophical Health International network and applied research in Anthrobotics. Philai remains an idea rather than a reality. If you wish to help manifest it as a phygital entity, contact Luis de Miranda.

The name Philai comes simply from Philosophy and AIPhilai also means loved one in Ancient Greek. Last but not least, PHILAI is the acronym of Philosophising with Humans In the Light of Artificial Intelligence. Luis de Miranda, an author and researcher, also offers individual philosophical counseling online and at the Philosophical Parlour (Stockholm), which he founded in February 2018.

My conviction is that philosophical health can be in the 21st century what psychological health and physical health were in the 20th century. At the beginning of the century, it is a luxury for the happy few. By the end of the century, it might be a necessity for all. Especially given the pathologies of free will that might increase with the self-inflicted AI-determinism at societal scale. However, AI might also help us if it is used properly – philosophically and healthily.”

Luis de Miranda in a talk at the Paris headquarters of Unesco in October 2019.

More about Luis de Miranda’s practice of philosophical counseling by clicking the black quote-box below.

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