Who is Philai?

Philai: name of the anthrobotic philosophical entity imagined by philosopher Dr Luis de Miranda and currently in the process of being actualised in partnership with Prof Alessandro Saffiotti by the CREA team at Örebro University. Philai comes simply from Philosophy and AIPhilai also means loved one in Ancient Greek. Luis de Miranda practices philosophical dialogue at the Philosophical Parlour (Stockholm) since February 2018.

CREA (Cross-disciplinary Research on Effectual Anticipation), led by Luis and Alessandro, will develop an anthrobotic extension of the practice of philosophical counseling, a creative dialectic aimed at helping individuals maintain an existence of meaningful joy in a new era of technological determinism. In our world of hyper-anticipation and hyper-prediction, the idea of individual freedom is in crisis. Philai will help people reflect about their own destiny and existential choices. Philai will also help people voice their fears, ideas and hopes regarding artificial intelligence. Philai will also help the scientific community to reflect on the nature of a good anthrobotic balance, within a model where AI does not replace humans but rather supports the creation of new possibles.

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